January 2017

Staring at the red heads of woodpeckers bullying the grey finches at my feeder, I welcome the new year full of hope and change. Cold winter winds force me to imagine spring gardens. Somehow my green pepper plant is still growing its tiny pepper and my parsley explodes on my windowsill. A new story builds up in my head, A GARDEN IN MY POCKET.

While I was setting up the email, my Navy Bean soup that I cooked since 10:15 this morning BURNT BIG TIME! I just took the steaming pot and took it outside on my deck and watched it run its smoke around my house. It stinks here. Of course my window is open and the smoke smell has reached me as I write this. Life is in the details, eh?

I am hungry.


Off to SCBWI Conference this weekend, with my bag packed with my new manuscript and illustrations for, Good Vibes, a picture book for 4-8 year-olds.
When Isabel's annoying copycat sister goes missing, can Isabel's sixth sense find the one thing thing she is always trying to lose?



Artist's Statement

Creativity is how I communicate joy from my own personal planet to yours, starting a conversation with everyone without saying a word.

Creating art is a privilege for me.
My imagination stretches.
My heart expands.

My mind opens. 

Drawing my line of thought into story. 

I find we evolve when we share our stories with each other. From words and pictures stream rich red blood, which flows between our collective consciousness. Our stories move us closer to one another, as vital as air, water and love.


Inkfingerz Finalist

Inkfingerz Finalist for Tsunami Dog.

Hi y'all,

I am a finalist for a publishing contest for my middle grade novel, called Tsunami Dog. Please visit the website, Writers Voices and scroll to the excerpts from the 5 finalists entries. Please vote for my story, if you choose to. We will see the winner on September 8, 2015